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Keeping You Kurrent
December 2013

Consumer Alerts and Information

December 31, 2013

Mr. Omelette Caterers

Mr. Omelette Caterers, of the Baltimore/Washington area, is advertising that they are certified by STAR-K Kosher Certification. In fact, they are not, and have never been, certified by STAR-K . Corrective action is being taken.


December 11, 2013

Kosher Phone Wireless

Effective immediately, the STAR-K will discontinue certification of the Kosher Phone distributed by Kosher Phone Wireless.

We have recently determined that although the vast majority of users are still unable to access the internet, it is possible to obtain limited access through a complicated and costly procedure. Due to this potential limited internet access, the Star-K has decided to discontinue certification of these phones. For those who already purchased the phone, it is still very effective and nearly all users will be unable to connect to the internet.

For those individuals who will be continuing to use the phone, please note the following important information regarding the usage of the phone. The phone requires use of a SIM card. It is an unlocked GSM phone that can operate using a SIM card from any GSM cell service provider worldwide. Bring the phone into a cell phone store to request SIM card service. Once you decide on a plan, have them set up the service. Please note that the monthly service plan provided by Kosher Phone Wireless was never under Star-K certification.


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