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Keeping You Kurrent
October 2010

Consumer Alerts and Information

October 14, 2010

Effective immediately, RIVER RANCH FRESH FOODS, LLC is no longer under Star-K Certification. The company has been purchased by Taylor Farms, CA. This should not be confused with Taylor Farms, MD, which is under Star-K Certification.

The following brands are affected by this change:

Fresh1/Fresh ‘n Easy, The Farmers Market, Dewy Fresh, Promark, Popeye, River Ranch, Shaw’s Market Fresh, Compliments, Sysco Natural, Archer Farms, Cross Valley Farms, Winn Dixie.

October 25, 2010

Effective immediately, EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS #655 located at 3524 Brenbrook Dr., Randallstown, MD 21133, is no longer Star-K certified.

Please note, the Edible Arrangements stores located in Downtown Baltimore, Pikesville, Towson and Olney, MD are still under certification.

October 28, 2010

Children's Tylenol

For many years, the Star-K Hotline has recommended various Tylenol and Motrin products manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNeil-PPC, Inc.. Although these products have never been formally Kosher certified, Star-K was able to approve them based on our review of information provided to us. The glycerin used in these products was derived from Kosher sources (i.e. Kosher glycerin can be made from vegetable or synthetic sources). These products were produced in their Fort Washington, PA, plant.  This plant was shut down this past spring.

McNeil is now distributing Grape Liquid Children's Tylenol manufactured in Canada. Representatives of McNeil have stated that this product contains glycerin derived from non-Kosher beef or pork.

We recommend discussing with your physician whether the following Kosher alternatives will work for those who require acetaminophen:

  • Triaminic Fever Reducer Pain Reliever Syrup made by Novartis is certified Kosher when bearing the OU symbol. This children's product contains acetaminophen, the same active ingredient found in Tylenol.
  • McNeil Consumer Healthcare also produces a liquid version of Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Blast Liquid for Adults - Cherry Flavor which does not contain any glycerin.
  • Many children are able to use chewable tablets which typically do not contain glycerin (although they may contain other ingredients which are kosher-sensitive). For a list of approved medications click here and scroll down to Pain Relievers.
  • For a full discussion regarding the Kashrus of medications and what to do if one purchases a liquid medication in which the source of glycerin is unknown see our Kashrus Kurrents article on the topic.


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