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Keeping You Kurrent
September 2006

Consumer Alerts and Information

September 13, 2006


Due to the recent very hot weather, the likelihood of infestation in stored food (e.g. flour) is very great. Please check these items before use.

Kashrus consumers should be aware that hospitals often serve meat meals coming from certified caterers together with dairy items. They may even take the airline-type kosher meal and shrinkwrap it with non-kosher items. Unless the certification symbol appears on the outermost wrapping, one cannot be sure the kashrus agency approved these combinations or added items.

Starbucks Frappuccino - Unlike other varieties of Starbucks bottled drinks, the Frappuccino Strawberries & Crème in the 9.5oz bottle is NOT certified kosher.

Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable Soup - is no longer certified as kosher by the OU. Product bearing the OU symbol was manufactured prior to the termination of the kosher certification.

Laffy Taffy - Peppermint is correctly labeled OU-D.



Community news

Star-K PAS YISROEL Products / Retail Establishments

  • Accents Grill - All except wraps, seven grain subrolls, and pitas
  • Brasserie - upon request
  • Caramel’s Pizza - All
  • Catering by Weiss - upon request
  • Catering by Yaffa - upon request
  • David Chu’s China Bistro - upon request
  • Eden Cafe (Park Heights and Owings Mills) - Pizza and pita are Pas Yisroel; inquire in store for other items
  • Ester’s Catering - upon request
  • The Knish Shop - upon request
  • Goldberg’s Kosher Bagels - All
  • Goldman’s Bakery - All
  • Grandma Taylor - mandelbread
  • Kosher Bite/KB Szechuan - inquire in store for specific items
  • Mama Leah’s Gourmet Pizza - All except wraps and panini bread
  • Milk and Honey Bistro - inquire in store for specific items
  • O’Fishel Caterers - challah and rolls. All other items upon request.
  • Pariser’s Bakery - All
  • Platter Palace - upon request
  • Rosendorff’s - All
  • Royal Restaurant - upon request
  • Seven Mile Market Bakery - All
  • Schmell & Azman Uptown Bakery - All
  • Shindler Fish - All
  • Sion’s Bakery - All


General Guidlines for Pas Yisroel

Foods that are not Oleh Al Shulchan Melachim, fit for a wedding or state dinner, need not be Pas Yisroel.

Examples of items that do not need to be Pas Yisroel are as follows: cereals, pretzels, granola bars and donuts.

Examples of companies that produce Pas Yisroel products are as follows:

Blooms, Gefen, Liebers, Kedem, Osem, Paskez, Manischewitz - Tam Tams, Reisman’s.

Stay tuned for the YOSHON Products / Retail Establishments list.





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