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Thermador Gas Cooktops

Thermador Gas Cooktops
The following models may be used on the Jewish Sabbath or the Jewish Holidays (Yom Tov) in accordance with the instructions below:

Thermador Gas Cooktops
30 Gas Cooktops PCG304G SGS304FS SGS305FS SGSX305FS
36” Gas Cooktops PCG364GD PCG366G SGS365FS SGSX365FS
48 Gas Cooktops PCG486GD      

Please be aware that there are restrictions in the use of ovens and stoves on the Sabbath and Holidays. If you are unfamiliar with the laws of keeping food warm on the Sabbath or cooking on the Holidays, please call your Rabbi. Please note that when the Holiday and Sabbath coincide, the Sabbath laws prevail.


1. On the Sabbath, a gas flame may not be initiated, adjusted or turned off.

2. On the Sabbath, a "blech" should be used to cover the flame.  Knobs should be covered lightly with foil (if necessary).  The cooktops require air to flow around and underneath the knobs.  Use only the smallest burner at the low setting (only one burner when using a blech to avoid overheating and potential damage to the cooktop surface and components).

3.On Yom Tov, a gas flame may not be initiated or turned completely off. For gas cooktops, raise and lower the temperature as required for cooking.

4 During and after recovery from a power failure, gas cooktops will remain on.

5. Do not use the XLO feature on the Sabbath or the Holidays. . If there is a power outage, the XLO burners will turn off, and will not return to an on state until the user resets these. All non-XLO burners will function as stated above. .

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