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Autumn 2005

Mrs. Margie Pensak

Tomorrow is your most hectic day of the week - Double Carpool Day. No problem. By now, you are used to waking up at 5 a.m. to cook your family a fresh dinner before dropping off your son’s early morning carpool by 7:30 a.m. You will go to work, run a few errands after work, and then get to Bais Yaakov to pick up your daughter’s carpool at 5 p.m. Everything is perfectly under control!

It was, until you realized that you forgot to set your alarm clock the night before and there would not be even a minute left in your bustling schedule to throw enough frozen waffles in your toaster oven for your whole family - two at a time, mind you!

Chol Hamoed is just around the bend. Now that the kids are older, you are determined to go on that long chol hamoed trip for that bonding experience that will last a lifetime. Little did you know that you would be stuck in heavy traffic on the way home, with your five overtired, “spirited” children. By the time you get home, every kosher restaurant and store in town will be closed. Even if everyone would have the patience to wait around until a freshly cooked homemade meal was made l’kavod yom tov, no one would be awake enough to prepare it!

For these and other such similar occasions, you might want to consider one of the latest high tech innovations in the culinary world. TMIO™ President and CEO David Mansbery was inspired to invent his revolutionary multi-award-winning Connect Io™ Intelligent Oven™ after years of returning home hungry from his sons’ baseball practices. With a little assistance from NASA’s Glenn Research Center, the entrepreneur thought of a way to help today’s fast-paced households juggle.

With a flick of a switch, or rather a push of keypad keys, you can remotely program your Connect Io™ oven from anywhere. The 30 inch electric double wall oven with refrigeration, programmable cooking and cooling cycles, plus Internet control, provides maximum cooking flexibility and convenience. You can set separate cooking times with your phone or office computer. If you are stuck in traffic, you can even program it from your cell phone. And, if you miss dinner altogether, you can let the meal finish cooking and set the refrigerator function again to save it for a later time.

Intuitive interactive menu screens allow you to plan and prepare delicious home-cooked meals in a snap. Just make your selection from a wide variety of cook methods; easily store and retrieve your favorite menu items; cook now or later; add, edit, or delete cooking steps; or just refrigerate at your command from anywhere in the world. You can effortlessly adjust any pre-set menu to your own personal taste with a simple touch screen command.

Star-K is proud to certify the new kosher consumer-friendly Connect Io™ Refrigerated, Internet-Controlled Electric Double Wall Oven, which includes separate Sabbath and Holiday modes, programmable prior to Shabbos and Yom Tov. Each of the two ovens may be programmed separately.

In the Sabbath mode, you can either choose to BAKE, ROAST, or WARM your meal. REFRIGERATE is yet another option. You can also select REFRIGERATE BEFORE COOKING and/or one of the WARM AFTER COOKING time periods. Your family’s meal will be warmed and ready to serve when you are ready to dine. (Please note that food may not be cooked on Shabbos. See appliance section for guidelines.)

Since oven temperatures may not be set, adjusted or turned off on Shabbos, Connect Io™ disables all oven controls with exception of the OFF button (if ever needed) after Sabbath mode is initiated. In addition, all other visible and audible signals - such as oven lights, displays, and tones - are disabled in the Sabbath/Holiday mode, and opening one of the oven doors will not activate the heating elements.

In the Holiday mode, temperature adjustment is permitted at any time because of the built-in random delay between the request for temperature change and its implementation. You now have the ability, before Yom Tov begins, to pre-set one or both ovens to operate over a 72-hour multiple cooking or refrigeration period within the same cooking day. With the extra convenience of three-day advance programming for baking, roasting, warming, and refrigeration, you can now pre-set your oven to refrigerate your fresh meal prior to the cooking cycle in Holiday mode, then continue in warming mode or refrigeration after cooking is completed.

The Connect Io™ self-cleaning implement, Green Clean, employs a 100% safe, clean, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic self-cleaning process. Not only is it energy-efficient, it uses no formaldehyde or other harmful substances in its cleaning cycle unlike most ovens.

“TMIO™ ovens are both innovative and user friendly,” feels Star-K Engineering Consultant, Mr. Jonah Ottensoser. “These ovens expand the integration of technology into our kitchens. Furthermore, these units have combined our halachic requirements with technology to provide significant flexibility in the preparation of food for both Shabbos and Yom Tov.”

For complete guidelines regarding the use of TMIO™ ovens on Shabbos and Yom Tov, or other appliance information and articles, please see our appliance section.

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