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Floreted Vegetables

This is general information only. Click on a vegetable below to see specific checking details.


Checking Instructions


Individual Check - Low Volume (less than a case)

Preparation (Optional)

We recommend breaking floreted vegetables into smaller florets and agitating in water prior to checking, preferably with mild soap or special veggie wash (such as Tsunami 100).

Note: When using soap, use only a food grade cleanser that meets all federal, state, and local regulations. The water should have enough soap to make it feel slippery. Wash thoroughly with clean water before checking to remove any soap residue.


  1. Agitate florets in a white bowl of clean water.
  2. Examine the water to see that it is insect-free.

    Note: It may be helpful to place the white bowl on a light source, such as a light box, to make it easier to detect any insects and distinguish them from bits of debris or detached florets.

  3. If insects are found, you may re-do this procedure up to three times in total. If there are still insects, the whole batch must be discarded.
  4. If the water is insect-free, look over florets to see if any insects are visible on the tops and stems.
  5. If no insects are noticed you may use the vegetable.

Chazaka Check - High Volume

  1. Do NOT wash prior to checking.
  2. Check three heads using the method above in the Low Volume section.
  3. If one bug is found in the test heads, all the produce in the consignment must be checked head by head.
  4. If no bugs are found, the rest of the shipment from the same brand does not require checking and may be used.


Defrost enough for a chazaka check (for low volume purchasers this can be a handful from each bag. Bags must be checked individually). Check that amount. If no insects are found, the rest of the bag or shipment from that brand is fine.